#291 Furious Titans Fight // Hermes the God

He protects and takes care of those that pray to him
Every now and then he would go to the world of the dead
Remarkable and very popular
Music lover and messenger
Escorted travlers safely through their journies
Slipped away from his mom to try and steal his older brother

B'Style Adonis Lubomir Patty Bartavelle [ SWANK ] Angelsl Sarmiento
Available at Swank Event
This Wild Spring I´ll fly for U
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**BS** Beard 40
Omega/Catwa Applier
**B'S** Tattoo tribal heart
Omega/Belleza/ Applier

Furious Titans Fight  (NOT IN THIS EVENT)
Feat. Angelsl Sarmiento and Roman Thomas for ADN
[AdN] Hermes (slink adam signature classic)
[GMan] GR - Greek Shield
Poseidon The Duel 1
Who is your favourite?