#245 Les coups de foudre, ça n'arrive pas qu'au cinéma.

Les coups de foudre, ça n'arrive pas qu'au cinéma

Yeux... Your eyes for Love!
Eyes Rosario Swank Event!
Oui, l'amour au premier regard.
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8 colours!
by Karlota Hirvi

What on earth am I meant to do
In this crowded place there is only you
Was gonna to leave now I have to stay
You have taken my breath away
Is the world still spinning around
I don't feel like coming down

 It's in your eyes
I can tell what your thinking
My heart is sinking too
It's no surprise
I've been watching you lately
I want to make it with you
Destiny has a funny way
When it comes and takes all your cares away
I can't think of a single thing
Other than…