#242 Nails or Claws... only Darla knows that...

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Nails or Claws?

That ago ago ago... week's photo shoot showcases nail art, and each model gets to pose individually. Phil thinks the girls have an advantage since guys don't know the first thing about selling fingernails.

During hair and makeup, Chris H. tries thaw out a frosty Nina, but doesn't have much luck. When he doesn't get the immediate response he wants, he gives up. Jiana says Nina, despite her savior complex, is over Chris H.. Jiana sees him as someone who will use Nina up and drain her.

The photographer, Franco Lacosta, is so over the top and intense, he's like a sketch comedy character.

Nina blames her poor performance on Chris H. hurting her heart. She becomes overwhelmed and unfocused. Franco has no patience and tells her "all or nothing." Chris H. struggles as well. He's unable to handle the sight of Nina during his shoot , and he can't deal with it.

Jeremy isn't stoked by the idea of a solo photo shoot. He says they find each other attractive and like to flirt, but he manages to piss Jourdan off when he brings up their on screen kiss from the fragrance commercial. Jourdan finds Jeremy immature. She says his jokes imply he has a crush on her, and she thinks he's annoying. Jourdan asks him why he's so obsessed with her. Jeremy retaliates by saying this is why nobody in the house likes her. This exchange happens just before Jeremy steps in front of the camera. It definitely affects his performance because Franco points out that he lacks focus. It doesn't help that Jourdan is running her mouth about Jeremy the entire time.

Renee and Don do well, but Phil struggles. After his behavior during the challenge, this puts him at risk for elimination. Kanani is also off her game, but not because of any roommate skirmishes. She's still recovering from a prank the boys played the night before with clown dolls. She has a severe phobia, and the panic has yet to fully subside.