#229 Michael Myers by MANUSITO AUDAZ & SWANK EVENT!

Michael Myers - Halloween Inspiration by
:::MANUELS::: Jimmy
(Shirt, Pants 5 size, Sandals Slink)

(Shirt, Pants 5 size, Sandals Slink)
GLITTER Poses Olga Shine Messmer

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INWORLD: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sage%20Isle/187/…/2004


Michael is a human being with essentially evil and indestructible supernatural powers, and that encloses a comparable evil spirit to the devil himself, who despite having some originated psychological traumas in their childhood, and product abuse and the scorn of his father, exceeds the limit understandable revenge and disclaims mere ordinary explanations commonly used to justify their evil essence. Denotes a relentless and accurate drive and boasts a huge force, comparable to that of a bear or an android.
One of the possible explanations of the reason for its action is through the involvement of a Celtic cult, as in Case Myers sheds new light on possible explanations about its supernatural force, and even his incredible gift of survival, so and their motivations. Myers has a rune of "Evil" etched on his arm. Hence various conjectures about what is the "Curse of Thorn" that things move him to completely exterminate the members of his lineage, a consequence of pagan rituals that druids performed once in the "Noches de Everybody do Santos "(Halloween).
Michael Myers is about 2 m (6 ft 7 in), weighs 100 kg (220 lb), and there is speculation that is 21 years since states he was born on Saturday October 19, 1957. He hides his face with a white mask and It has a high metaphorical power, as the murderer could be anyone, (as we demonstrated the prologue in subjective view that opens the film and it seems that the murderer at that moment we are, as we see through their eyes). He wears a suit mechanic (Overall or coverall) blue-gray and black combat boots. Demonstrates supernatural and inhuman power, larded with earthly attitudes and blame away from revealing a human side, ambiguity that becomes even more horrific and frightening.