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The name Minangkabau is thought to be a conjunction of two words, minang ("victorious") and kabau ("buffalo"). There is a legend that the name is derived from a territorial dispute between the Minangkabau and a neighbouring prince. To avoid a battle, the local people proposed a fight to the death between two water buffalo to settle the dispute. The prince agreed and produced the largest, meanest, most aggressive buffalo. The Minangkabau produced a hungry baby buffalo with its small horns ground to be as sharp as knives. Seeing the adult buffalo across the field, the baby ran forward, hoping for milk. The big buffalo saw no threat in the baby buffalo and paid no attention to it, looking around for a worthy opponent. But when the baby thrust his head under the big bull's belly, looking for an udder, the sharpened horns punctured and killed the bull, and the Minangkabau won the contest and the dispute.

Aku cinta kamu - I love you
Aku sayang kamu - I care about you
Jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri - Don't leave me alone
Aku ingin kau ada disampingku selamanya - I want you by my side forever

Aku ingin menikah denganmu - I want to marry you
Tidak ada yang lain dihatiku kecuali kamu - There's no one in my heart but you
Maukah kamu makan malam dengan ku? - Would you like to have dinner with me?
Maukah kamu mencintaiku selamanya sampai maut memisahkan kita? - Would you love me forever until death do us part?
Dimanapun aku berada aku selalu memikirkan dirimu, sayang - Wherever I am , I always think about you, Honey
Percayalah padaku - Trust me