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“It must have been their inner demons that made them do it!” that I felt the strongest impulse to scream. To cry out in a kind of ideological protest. Why? Simply because the wayward thoughts or behaviors all of us are prone to—and not just toward others but (oh-so-sadly) toward ourselves as well—almost always can be adequately understood without alluding to satanic forces insidiously goading us from within.
So, to be more concrete, what does such presumably “devilish” behavior look like?

It could be a physical or (much more likely) verbal act of violence that’s extremely hurtful to another—that insults them, or makes them feel demeaned, stupid, humiliated, or worthless. Or it could be a violent behavior perpetrated upon one’s own self—a severely self-denigrating reflection, or even (far less commonly) an act of self-injury or -destruction. Cutting yourself, depositing yourself in front of an oncoming truck, jumping off a bridge, putting a gun to your head, etc. are all examples of being overtaken by deleterious (though hardly “demonic”) impulses. Much substance abuse, and addictions of all kinds, also fit this pattern of negativity, which can play out either as detrimental self-indulgence or harmful self-punishment. And they similarly derive, not from nefarious unearthly forces, but from a desperate need to escape a stress-saturated existence, a plaguing sense of guilt, shame, or despair, or a self-loathing sense of worthlessness. (...)

Taken from: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201506/enough-about-inner-demons-already