#192 Artic Commando Boy by Mat Kungler!

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 (Arctic) Commando sometimes also called the Special Commando Boating Group,was a battalion-sizedBritish Commando unit of the British Army during the Second World War. The Commando was formed in 1942 for service in the Arctic and was disbanded in 1943. The commandos were formed in 1940, by the order of Winston Churchill the British Prime Minister. He called for specially trained troops that would "develop a reign of terror down the enemy coast". At first they were a small force of volunteers who carried out small raids against enemy occupied territory, but by 1943 their role had changed into lightly equipped assault Infantry which specialised in spearheading amphibious landings.

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[TRB] Men's Arctic Assault Outfit v2

The No. 14 (Arctic) Commando was formed in late 1942, for action in the Arctic especially against Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe bases in Norway used to attack Arctic Convoys. No 14 Commando was formed at the request of the Chief of Combined Operation Louis Mountbatten to meet the demand for further raids in Norway. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel E.A.M Wedderburn No. 14 Commando comprised two troops. No. 1 (Boating) Troop of Nine officers and 18 men who specialized in small boat operations and No. 2 Troop of six officers and 22 men who specialized in cross-country skiing.
The Commando contained British, Canadians and Norwegians and included polar explorers including Sir Peter ScottDavid Haig-ThomasAndrew Croft, August Courtauld and some men from the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. They specialised in using canoes and kayaks for limpet mine attacks in Arctic waters. At times it supplied men for the ad hoc formations Northforce and Timberforce.

Un jom Era
Un jom Era edhe koha jeme o tu ardhë..
Nëse jo ti
E du un vetën
Skom nevoje per ty heeejo
Edhe vet un e theeejo
Sun m'rrxon jom kneeejo
Sun e bon sun e bon sun e bon sun e bon bon
Bon bon edhe nëse sbon sbon
Don don
Bet u wanna taste it
Bon bon
Bet u wanna taste it I
E di qe ti don don x2

Hajde merëm ikim
Nese e don qiken
King je deri ta qes piken x2

Sunday night
I put a light
In my blunt right
S'nihëm mo s'm vyn kurgjo
Kur t'm vyn sje mo
Mke përdor
Futja futja haaajt
Gonna be alrightt
Bounce edhe rrite rrite basin yo
Cz my time has come rrite basiiin
Po dojn me bo si na
se na high jena ndi gat, high & mellow
Uu qa kom pas spe masim
Uu ti ma ke thy pasin
Mi lexoj sytë edhe shprehjen n'buuz
E skenoj kejt qa kom nër blluuuz
Honey veq ni sen para sy ta kishë
T'kom tregu qe me mu kur e prishë e prishë
Plot mund'si jo ma anej
Se kur ftofë niherë, jo mo nuk e nxej