#181 I´m gonna to tell U a secret

•().•*´¨`*••(★) SWANK EMERGENCY FASHION ATTACK(★)••*´¨`*•.()• 

I have a secret tonight...

(हिन्दी मे मतलब)      গোপন

秘密 lihim
rúnda hemmelig

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Things haven't been the same

Since you came into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go

Happiness lies in your own hand
It took me much too long to understand
How it could be
Until you shared your secret with me

Mmm mmm [skip for the first two times]
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm
Something's comin' over me
My baby's got a secret

You gave me back the paradise
That I thought I lost for good
You helped me find the reasons why
It took me by surprise that you understood
You knew all along
What I never wanted to say
Until I learned to love myself
I was never ever lovin' anybody else

Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret
Mmm mmm, my baby's got a secret for me

Mmm mmm, mmm mmm, mmm mmm