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Nature is coming!
Nature Us!
When Nature is hybrid:
Deer have been an integral part of fables and other literary works since the inception of writing. Stags were used as symbols in the latter Sumerian writings. For instance, the boat of Sumerian god Enki is named the Stag of Azbu. There are several mentions of the animal in the Rigveda as well as the Bible. In Indian epic RamayanaSita is lured by a golden deer which Rama tries to catch. In absence of both Rama and LakshmanRavana kidnaps Sita. In many of his allegorical fables such as "The Stag at the Pool", "The One-Eyed Doe" and "The Stag and a Lion", the legendary Greek author Aesop personifies deer to give moral lessons. For instance, "The Sick Stag" gives the message that uncaring friends can do more harm than good.The Yaqui deer song accompanies the deer dance which is performed by a pascola [from the Spanish 'pascua', Easter] dancer (also known as a deer dancer). Pascolas would perform at religious and social functions many times of the year, especially during Lent and Easter.

Britain's first human-animal hybrid embryos have been created, forming a crucial first step, scientists believe, towards a supply of stem cells that could be used to investigate debilitating and so far untreatable conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and motor neurone disease.
Lyle Armstrong, who led the work, gained permission in January from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to create the embryos, known as "cytoplasmic hybrids".

Innovation in pants from Mat Kungler Atelier.
The new pant shop is completely open on the sides, and something very sensual.


Are 2 sizes form SL AVATAR and 1 Size to TMP avatar, ***CHECK DEMOS
In the HUD have 30 textures and 2 lace alpha texture.
Custom options, and tint.

Goat Family:

Goat Family ( MP )