#162 A simple guy that love you!

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What are signs that he likes you? Very often girls don’t notice the signs that a guy likes them, they try to find out, ask themselves many questions and spend many sleepless nights.
Men can often find it very difficult to admit even to themselves that they like someone. Sometimes they will go out of their way to conceal their true feelings, which they view as a potential sign of weakness. In other situations, men will come right out and clearly communicate their passion for a potential partner. Here are some signs that a man is interested.

He’s Asks You Out

If a guy likes someone they will want to spend time with that person.

He Inquires about your relationship status

A guy who asks about a person’s relationship status is almost always weighing up his chances of forming a relationship with that person. It’s a definite sign of interest, the question itself implies desire. 

He Teases You

Teasing is one of the most confusing and potentially offensive ways a guy can show interest in a woman. When a woman teases a man, it is often seen as seductive and coy, but when a man teases a woman it sometimes is done with such a lack of subtlety and tact that it produces the opposite of its intended effect. The desired effect, of course, is to show interest and instill a sense of playful comradery.

He Stares At You

When a guy wants to be with a girl, he is unable to tear his eyes from her form. He will stare longingly at her, as if she is the only person in existence, disregarding all of their surroundings, even if it is becoming obvious to those around him that he is looking at her. Eye contact is incredibly important in intimate relationships, and when two people lock eyes and hold each other’s attention, it is a great sign that there is a spark between them.

He Gets Involved

A guy who is interested in someone will find out their interests and hobbies and try to get involved, in order to propagate the sense that the pair has things in common. Thies will take time and effort on the guy’s part, and is not something that is undertaken lightly. 

He Finds Excuses to Talk To You

Guys who really like someone will be unable to go a day or even a few hours without talking to them. This will undoubtedly mean that he’ll have to become increasingly creative at making excuses to talk to them. Sometimes they will ask question after question, or they might start talking about every little detail of their lives. In any situation, a guy who constantly contacts someone to have conversations undoubtedly wants to hear their voice, enjoys talking to them and wants a relationship.

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
You'd better stop the things you do
I tell you, I ain't lying
I ain't lying

You know I can't stand it
You're running around
You'd know better daddy
I can't stand it because you put me down

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine

You know I can't stand it
You're running around
You'd know better daddy
I can't stand it because you put me down

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine

You know I love you
I love you, I love you
I love you anyhow
And I don't care if you don't want me
I'm yours right now

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine...


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