Sunday, June 12, 2016

#202 Yeah! I´m a Bakaboo FAN!
10:48 AM

#202 Yeah! I´m a Bakaboo FAN!

Menswear Fashion Week 2016 IS open with some amazing things from some of Second Life’s Top Menswear Designers! We will be giving you sneak peaks and more for the entire week!

  Introducing: Bakaboo!

Bakaboo  available on MWFW 2016
Outfit 1

 Bakaboo - Baka Summer Coat - Paris  
BakaBoo - Baka Summer Pants - Paris 
Outfit 2
Bakaboo - Baka Summer Coat - Yakuza  
BakaBoo - Ferosh Pants Dark Blue

Outfit 3
Bakaboo - Baka Summer Coat - Yin Yang  
BakaBoo - Baka Summer Pants - Yin Yang  

Join US!
The MWFW is here:

Three Boys...  Which are You?
(Taked from website
I’ve talked about all three of these maleTypes quite a bit, but here’s exactly how they work and how they differ from each other.

Alpha – An Alpha is a man who is confident and outcome independent. He is strong, tough, confident, masculine, and a happy guy. He desires no control over others in his life…he’s way too busy and motivated with his own stuff to concern himself with that. The woman (or women) in his life are welcome to do pretty much whatever they like…other than yell at him or give him drama, which would disrupt his happiness. He is almost always happy and upbeat despite his extreme masculine nature.

Needy Alpha – The Needy Alpha is the standard (i.e. old) definition of  “Alpha Male”. He is confident but very outcome dependent. Like an Alpha, he’s masculine, tough, very confident, and cool. However due to his strong outcome dependence he is jealous, controlling, domineering, and usually quick to anger. If things are going great, he’s a happy guy just like an Alpha.

Beta – Betas are men who are neither confident nor outcome independent. They’re the “nice guys”. They’re submissive, passive, careful, sweet, clingy, needy, high-drama, get oneitis fast and fall in love fast. They range from not successful with women at all to somewhat successful. When they get a girlfriend, they cling to her like there’s no tomorrow. Unlike the Alpha or Needy Alpha, the girlfriend or wife controls him. She snaps her fingers, or threatens to leave, and he responds with a “Yes, dear!” or “Okay okay!” or “Please don’t leave me! I’ll promise I won’t do it again!” and then takes out the trash like a good little boy. Betas tend to have high-drama relationships like Needy Alphas.

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