Friday, June 3, 2016

#195 Time for classics Group Gift... I have no Linden$ Love money!
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#195 Time for classics Group Gift... I have no Linden$ Love money!

 Gift Group is a dedicated review of brands to loyalty consumers , promotions and incentives, giving who has suscribed or belongs to a "group brand" exclusive products of high perceived value by consumers, developed with own technology tools to attract, retain, motivate and retain customers. Much of these "products" are for new residents or "newbies",or experienced residents who hunts or shopping without money or residents called sometimes "virtual homeless residents" who haven´t got money (linden L$) for their own expendings in a Virtual World. All time Designers give away to residents new products for retain them and they can experience using their products and maybe be consumers like more and more expending in other products knowing which is quality. Some groups are free and others payed, the difference for no free : discounts, exclusive gifts,first to have a new product, news about events etc. "Group is free to join" the phrase more used for residents... but not all is free or gift, searching on grid, can´t found shoes slink (gift group´s cause there are only for girls for many many!),can´t found male hair... Maybe we are not the best consumers?
Some men groups has discounts, and few give the same "hair" for months, and sometimes we have to change a femme hair into a male hair... Payed groups since 50 to 500 L$ for more gifts or news... We are our own investment!

Gatcha Hair by Danselfly
*~*Damselfly*~*Ronan Non-Rigged Mesh
[VM] VERO MODERO / Xmas Dress- Neck Piece
[VM] VERO MODERO / John Jacket
[VM] VERO MODERO / John Pant
Violator-DownCross-Jewelry Set-Gold-Chest Piercing
::GB::Shearling Short Boot MALE (BLACK)

GizzA - July Group Gift [Men] Tank
GizzA - July Group Gift [Men] Pants
TRUTH HAIR Tom Hair Variety 50L$
..::ILLI::.. SLink Gustav Sandals (L&R) 99L$
Livia (209,63,32)
Group Gizza 3RD Aniversary
: Glitch : Croix Mask RARE

GizzA - New Year Gift [Men]  jacket  
GizzA - New Year Gift [Men]  Pants
*GizzA** June Group Gift [Male] Scarf
TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Black Fade Purple]
HT - Jasper Sneakers
                           High Quality Mesh Products
Eyepatch's (Snakeskin)

Pure Poison - Baroque Frame w/pose GATCHA 50 L$
PP - Triandre Silver Necklace Gold/ Silver
MINA Hair - Waylon (materials) (with Payed Group)

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