Monday, December 21, 2015

#149 Tomb Boy by MK feat Adam Mesh Body by Ginger!
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#149 Tomb Boy by MK feat Adam Mesh Body by Ginger!

The Gamer publisher Debbie TImmins showed for first time a male version of Lara Croft, "Tomb Raider!"... Until this day, no exists nothing about Tomb Raider male version
This bit of Tomb Raider fan art has been making me giggle this week. Raffael/Ulysses0302 is a German artist who’s been rendering “Nate” for years, his gender-swapped version of Lara Croft, as well as other male characters.
It’s impressive how Nate still manages to stay cleanly waxed on his adventures through the Mayan temples, eh?  More about Her:
Today Mat Kungler has created the only male version of Tomb Raider... Just Enjoy Boys!
A new mesh body is coming soon! The Adams Body by Ginger Chevalier Onwer and Creator of Body Eve! 
Outfit based on characters of Tomb Raider... It´s a male version by Mat Kungler ( A REALISTIC outfit as Lara for Boys.. with a HUD,  includes guns!) and the Poses from Virtual Diva and Possesion!
Inspired by Lara Croft of Tomb Raider, the new <MK> Tomb Boy is a complete outfit with backpack, top tank, short, belt, 2 pistols to hands and legs belt.
The top tank and short be mesh/fitmesh and the HUD have 14 textures colors and custom options.
Enjoy it! The Body is coming!
Mesh Body Adam:
Complete mesh body fitted 
hand & feet inclied [feet are compatible Slink shoes] 
8 Hand pose Right 
8 Hand pose Left 
Over 150 Alpha 
10 Alpha preset 
Save 50 of your favorite alpha preset 
Layer Skin Tattoo & Fashion 
Mesh fashion, ” pant, t-shirt, jacket, shoes” 
6 neck sizes 
2 skin in 11 tones 
color option and specular control 
System Auto-hide (for erase automatically Alpha zone for mesh fashion with this system) 
Compatible OMEGA System

Enjoy These Product here:
Poses for men (On VIDEO)
Virtual Diva


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