Friday, November 27, 2015

#143 Back to the essence! Good, Cheap and Good-looking
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#143 Back to the essence! Good, Cheap and Good-looking

 Good, Cheap and Good-looking

More importants things has the virtual World, one that we are in specially is shopping, a lot of designers gave you the oportunity for selling or will give you a "gift", Marketplace has a big demmand for free products for new residents who don´t have money (linden). Events, Freebies, New Opening, Black Fridays, Gifts are the popularest words for a new resident  and for Fashion Hunters, by the ways people can pay less for some item... Offers, gatchas, unique products...   . Use your market place, be informed about groups, lucky chairs, Lukcy letters, gifts groups, etc.
But peope!: Free things or Gifts not always means: "cool", sometimes, we have the challenge for  change this "horrorous" in "beauty thing". Don´t forget that!
Take note:
Good, Cheap and Good-looking
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Shopping is next to U   and more and more!!



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