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#140 Cherish Mermaid Boy! by MK MERMAN V.2.
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#140 Cherish Mermaid Boy! by MK MERMAN V.2.

With nearly three-quarters of the Earth covered by water, it's little wonder that, centuries ago, the oceans were believed to contain many mysterious creatures, including sea serpents and mermaids. Merfolk (mermaids and mermen) are, of course, only the marine version of half-human, half-animal legends that have captured human imagination for ages.

The new <MK> Merman V.2 is a big outfit, his previous version is <MK> Pisces, which has been a hit with customers.
This new version is bigger, and rich in detail, everything is thought to make the perfect outfit, the simple heart, to the seahorse and textures.

Greek mythology contains stories of the god Triton, the merman messenger of the sea, and several modern religions, including Hinduism and Candomblé (an Afro-Brazilian belief), worship mermaid goddesses to this day. In folklore, mermaids were often associated with bad luck and misfortune. They lured errant sailors off course and even onto rocky shoals, much like their cousins, the sirens  — beautiful, alluring half-bird, half-women who dwelled near rocky cliffs and sung to passing sailors.

 The sirens would enchant men to steer their ships toward the singing — and the dangerous rocks that were sure to sink them. 
The outfit has 4 legs sizes for regular avatar, choral chest and hips, flippes to arms, tail, ears and a new pet fish.

The HUD is higher, there are 15 different textures, simple and easy to use, you can customize your outfit.

In the HUD is possible to change the color of <MK> Koi Pet for the same colors of merman.

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